Monday, July 12, 2010

Blago Judge Gets Emails. Guilty Jurors?

There's a lot of intensity in Illinois on this.

Will the judge reveal their names?

He had promised them not to.

You know, if the media had been so nosy about Blago we might not be in this mess. If the media had not been so cozy with the establishment this state might not be the fiscal and ethical rathole it is.

I certainly can't tell whether Blago will be found guilty or not.

But the entire Democrat establishment in Illinois, including Barack Obama, including the dissembling Dem majority leader Mike Madigan, and all those Dem notables Blago's subpoenaed, endorsed Blago for reelection when he was under NINE separate federal investigations. The Chicago Sun Times endorsed him as well.

There's a lot of guilt to go around.

And there are questions that haven't been answered yet.

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