Tuesday, September 19, 2006

GOP Questions Poll

Press release from Cook County GOP Chairman in response to Sun Times poll bannered across the front page:
Cook County GOP Chairman demands Sun-Times retract bad polling data

Second set of data released by Sun-Times is off 30 points in County Board President's race

Cook County Republican Party Chairman Gary J. Skoien demanded that the Sun-Times retract their erroneous polling results published in today's newspaper regarding the County Board President's race.

The Sun-Times poll places Cook County Commissioner Tony Peraica down 30 points to Alderman Todd Stroger. Internal polling data from both campaigns show that the race is a dead heat or with a slight advantage to Peraica. A recent poll confirmed a dead heat no less than 10 days ago.

Chairman Gary J. Skoien stated, "this is irresponsible for the Sun-Times to release another set of bad data. They knew their data was significantly flawed with the Governor's race results. This bad data will adversely impact our candidate's ability to fundraise and generate grassroots volunteers. Perception can be a reality in a campaign."

Internal polls from both Topinka and Blagojevich campaigns placed Topinka behind 8-12 points. The Capitolfaxblog shows the results of 13 reputable polls that concur with the 8-12 point spread. The Sun-Times erroneously reported Topinka was 30 points back from the poll conducted by the unknown KCR Communications Research. Most political analysts are calling the poll data incorrect and an outlier. The Sun-Times/NBC5 poll used an unusually low sample size.

Chairman Skoien exclaimed, "what is especially galling is that the pollster knew their data was overweighted to Chicago Democrats and tried to make up a math calculation. That's careless, lazy, and simply inaccurate. If KCR can't generate random phone sampling, they are in the wrong business."

"We call for the Sun-Times to act responsibly and retract the erroneous results and repeat the poll with a credible firm. We are comfortable that Peraica is in a dead heat at absolute worst."

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