Monday, November 27, 2006

I choose not to live

Well, this is a very sad story. I found out about it on RCP Buzztracker today.

But it illustrates the culture of death brought home--a suicide immolation vs. a suicide bomber--- and the suicidal nature of the anti-America, anti-war movement, giving up on our enlightened civilization so easily. Giving up on life and a future.

"I choose not to live in your world".

UPDATE: And now we find AP edited out his suicide note, where he revealed he had planned to slash Sec. Rumsfeld's throat in 2002. AllahPundit at Hot Air. And where was his family intervention to try to prevent his death?
Mental health experts say virtually no suicides occur without some kind of a diagnosable mental illness. But Ritscher's family disagrees about whether he had severe mental problems.

In a statement, Ritscher's parents and siblings called him an intellectually gifted man who suffered from bouts of depression. They stopped short of saying he'd ever received a clinical diagnosis of mental illness.

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