Monday, February 19, 2007

He had been disrespected

Well, this is a new one. Sun Times:
A man charged with the beating death of his wife and two female relatives allegedly videotaped himself on his cell phone after the attack, apologizing and saying he felt he had been disrespected, a law enforcement source said Sunday.
The man, recently arrived from Iran, also expressed regret to his surviving daughter. Investigators are reviewing the tape to determine a motive. He had been disrespected...motive enough for some.

If she'd killed him back in Iran, she might have been stoned to death. And he might have been hung, but probably not if it was considered an honor killing. They save the hangings for political prisoners over there.

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UPDATE: Trib story here. (Note, the earlier version of the Tribune story has been updated. The earlier version, which I linked to this morning, clearly stated that the man was a Christian, escaping religious persecution in Iran. But I would say, he didn't escape the culture.)

UPDATE: Honor killing spurs outcry in Syria. CSM via NRO.

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