Thursday, January 17, 2008

Audacity and Hypocrisy

Democrats' hypocrisy has no bounds--Hill and the Big O both nailed in this story. John Fund, WSJ "Voter-Fraud Rethink" on Hillary's NEA allies, (who block choice in schools for poor kids, why is this not a surprise):
The case goes before a federal judge in Las Vegas this morning. Plaintiffs argue that the caucus sites on the Strip unfairly discriminate against other workers on-duty that day. Lynn Warne, president of the teachers union, insists "our only interest is fairness." But instead of seeking additional at-large locations, they want to close down the casino sites.
And get this, Obama's people admit--they are essentially asking for photo-IDs at their caucus. As Fund notes, which I pointed out in my earlier post, Obama was a big ACORN backer, a group that is facing charges of vote fraud and is unalterably opposed to photo-IDs at the polls. Yes, they have the audacity to claim every vote counts--but only when it's their voters.

And this is sooo choice:
In 1995, Barack Obama sued Illinois over its voter registration rolls on behalf of the radical group ACORN, and he now rails against Clintonista attempts to shut down Nevada caucus sites and photo ID laws. But just last September, Oprah Winfrey held a lavish fundraiser for Mr. Obama at her California estate. None of the 1,500 guests could enter until they presented a government-issued photo ID that could be compared to a guest list. When asked about this, the Obama campaign had no comment.

UPDATE: A reader sent this in with more on Obama and ACORN

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