Tuesday, January 22, 2008

GOP Illinois: Focus on the Race

UPDATE: Illinois already sensitive on the economy--we're close to the cellar in economic performance among the states. And to illustrate, bottom right front page story Chicago Tribune--homeless pets! (Rush is having fun with this today.)

Chicago Tribune story on the GOP race in Florida, with the print edition featuring a graphic of Mitt Romney's lead in the Rasmussen poll, as Rudy Giuliani drops. The key of course, is whether John McCain can attract conservatives, as this is an all Republican primary. RCP average here.

The same dynamic holds true for Illinois, as presumably the RINO mush-heads will vote for the Big O in the Dem primary leaving the GOP race to the rest of us. Thankfully. So while most of the Congressional pols in Blue State Illinois have endorsed Giuliani or McCain, and with Thompson presumably out of the race, Republican voters should come home to Mitt.

After Florida of course, this may all become more clear. Debate Thursday night on FoxNews.

P.S. I would also add, for what it's worth, Romney won the straw poll at the Illinois State Fair.

UPDATE: Jeff Fuller has the results of two online polls, from RedState and HotAir, showing Fredheads prefer Romney if they can't have Fred.

UPDATE: One other thought--you would think McCain, given his quirky character, would be attracted to the libertarian message articulated by Ron Paul, but in fact he leans toward big government solutions. Romney is the one who has the free-market track record and the affinity for free-market solutions, even in government.

UPDATE: Election guru Michael Barone would not bet $1,000 that Rudy wins Florida. (Could be he's just not a betting man, but he did at least feel strongly enough to make the statement.)

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