Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Romney Answers McCain Attacks

Gov. Romney answers McCain attacks on Iraq and the economy. Video clip via HotAir.

UPDATE: And this, about a shocking question from the last debate that has continued to bother me. This is one of the issues that propelled me to support Gov. Romney, Huckabee's use of religion as a weapon--and the MSM is using it to divide us and fan bigotry in this country. (Yet which candidate defended religious liberty, and which candidate sought to stifle free speech?) Douglas MacKinnon, Townhall:

In one of the most telling moments of this primary campaign season, Brian Williams of NBC News, went out of his way to smear Mitt Romney and denigrate his religion, and none of the other Republican candidates on the stage bothered to come to his defense.

During last week’s GOP debate in Boca Raton, Florida, Williams exercised all the subtlety of David Duke when he dropped this bigoted statement on the former Governor from Massachusetts: “Governor, we’ve got an NBC News-Wall Street Journal poll coming out in the morning that says, among a lot of other things, 44 percent of respondents say a Mormon president would have a difficult time uniting the country.”

As I said at the time, the question posed in the poll was a measure of political correctness--no room for people of faith who rely on religious principles and common values in the public square, but don't parade about a specific religion. More from MacKinnon:
Other than hurting Romney right before the Florida primary, what would be the motivation of Williams? I have a great deal of trouble believing that he would have ever said, “…44 percent of respondents say a Jewish president would have a difficult time uniting the country,” or “…44 percent of respondents say a Muslim president would have a difficult time uniting the country.” Such words would never cross his politically correct lips.
Precisely. Governor Romney speaks of strong families, not religion per se, but it is brought up constantly. There is a double standard from the liberal media--and it ought to stop.

UPDATE: Atheists for Mitt:)

Final UPDATE (Good night, God Bless from an Irish Catholic no longer a Democrat for Mitt) from Evangelicals for Mitt:
In a few months, we'll all look back on Florida and thank Senator McCain for raising this ridiculous Iraq charge, because it marked the beginning of the end of the effectiveness of the "flip flop" meme. Throughout this campaign, various opponents have capitalized on Governor Romney's acknowledged change of heart on abortion to tack on various other issues, most of which aren't really flip flops. (Among these is the charge that he was sympathetic to "gay marriage" before fighting it post-Goodridge.) But this one takes the cake in terms of asininity, and it will be the first time someone wasn't just able to add a flip flop to the list. The bad, factually-challenged habit will thus be broken -- and denied to the Democrats.

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