Thursday, April 03, 2008

Slippery Seals

Northwestern alums, call your university. Slippery Dan Seals has been lounging around for months falsely claiming on his campaign literature that he has a job as an "adjunct professor" at Northwestern, which didn't even start until this week, and the description is a stretch at that. The Daily Herald covered this here.

What is Northwestern thinking? Let's just ignore that opportunistic, unemployed political candidate leaching off our reputation? Northwestern students have a point on Seals' jeopardizing the academic reputation of the school, and on his using Northwestern to pad his resume in his run for the 10th congressional district. From their letter to Northwestern's president:
The School of Continuing Studies recently appointed Seals to teach a Special Topics class in Federal Policymaking one night a week for two months in Spring Quarter. While NU faculty members certainly have run for political office in the past, we are aware of no situation where the university has hired an active political candidate. Not only does this create a questionable legal dilemma, but it appears to be in violation of the rules and regulations as outlined in the Faculty Handbook.
More from Team America. And the Dems must feel this is damaging as they are doing their usual ad hominem attacks rather than engaging on substance. Archpundit excuses Seals, says it's justified to (lie) pad your resume if you're against the war in Iraq. Illinois needs a raison d'etre excuses Seals, says it's OK to (lie) pad your resume, ditto on Iraq plus other hysterical ranting. Exit question--was Seals in Bosnia?

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