Thursday, December 18, 2008

Governor Love in Your Heart

Cracked open the Tribune this morning to a front page pix of our governor Rod Blagojevich swaggering around on his front porch. His hair looks like it's about to grow over his eyes. Catch Alexi Giannoulias on CNBC talking about the cost of Illinois corruption ($20 million) which is even more rich considering his background and how he got the job. Gov. Eliot Spitzer is practically hailed as an exemplar of good government by resigning early on after his disgrace. (We still don't know, who is Client 10) ABC7 Chicago reports mobster "Bobby The Boxer" Abbinanti denies he knows anything about Blago working as a bookie. The Sun Times' Sneed hears Blago was in the fetal position when the feds came in to cuff him and haul him off. And now we learn Rahm Emanuel reportedly talked directly to the governor. Sun Times:

President-elect Barack Obama's incoming chief of staff Rahm Emanuel had a deeper involvement in pressing for a U.S. Senate seat appointment than previously reported, the Sun-Times has learned. Emanuel had direct discussions about the seat with Gov. Blagojevich, who is is accused of trying to auction it to the highest bidder.

Emanuel talked with the governor in the days following the Nov. 4 election and pressed early on for the appointment of Valerie Jarrett to the post, sources with knowledge of the conversations told the Sun-Times. There was no indication from sources that Emanuel brokered a deal, however.

Will Barack throw Rahmbo under the bus? Wonder what's on those tapes. Rahm still unusually silent. The Illinois Supremes turn down AG Lisa Madigan's flimsy request to toss the governor out as unfit through disability, and the feds go after the remnants of Rod's ill-gotten campaign funds which he planned to use as his legal defense kitty.

Meanwhile, Illinois Dems, led by House Speaker Mike Madigan, Lisa's dad, have left the power to appoint the replacement for Barack Obama's Senate seat in Blago's greedy mitts, though he says he won't appoint anyone and wants a special election--presumably messing with Dem leaders who want to push him out and have the LT. Governor appoint someone to keep the seat in Dem hands. And Chicago is about to be hit with a blizzard starting tonight.

In honor of the occasion, John Kass, "A Holiday Classic to Celebrate Fitzmas", plus the Trib invites you to write a song for our governor who jogs because it "keeps love in your heart".

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