Saturday, March 21, 2009

Chicago March against BOA

The SEIU-er rats organized this. So far they're downtown, but will they take a bus to the burbs next with the tacit approval of their Dear Leader, Comandante Obama? Video:
UPDATE: More creepiness. RedState:
Imagine that the President of the United States is sending personal representatives to the homes of private citizens and asking them to sign a “pledge of support” for his Administration’s policies. Imagine that those representatives are asking citizens for their names and e-mail addresses so that the “post-election” organization set up by the president can follow up with them; perhaps taking the addresses of those who refuse to sign. Imagine what the reaction of the online left would be to such activity. Cries of “Fascism!” “Police state!” and “Voter intimidation!” would ring out from the online left in opposition to the Republican Administration’s tactic.

Now imagine that the president doing this is not a Republican, but is President Barack Obama.
13 million coming to a neighborhood near you. Gibbs wants to know where we all live. And maybe they'll be flanked by ACORN thugs doing the census. Lovely.

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