Wednesday, May 13, 2009

One Good Decision

The president sees some light, reverses decision on releasing abuse photos. CNN here. Andrew McCarthy on the consequences for the safety of Americans and our troops the other day. McCarthy earlier today with more concerns:
Has it dawned (pardon the pun) on people yet that it's a huge problem to have a Justice Department stocked with lawyers who have spent (or whose firms have spent) the last eight years volunteering their services to America's enemies? We've already seen the premature announcement of the closure of Guantánamo Bay when there was clearly no plan for what to do about the detainees; the outright release of Binyam Mohammed, who plotted with "Dirty Bomber" Jose Padilla to attack American cities; the purging of the terms "enemy combatant" and "war"; the release of the CIA memos over the strenuous objection of the intelligence community — and in a shamefully dishonest manner that revealed interrogation tactics but suppressed from public view the life-saving information that the tactics yielded; the announcement of an investigation of Bush administration lawyers and the leaking of information from the related ethics probe; Holder's under-the-radar suggestion that he'd cooperate with Spain's investigation of Bush administration officials; the sweetheart plea deal for Ali al-Marri (a terrorist who, like Binyam Mohammed, was planning to conduct a post-9/11 second-wave of mass-murder attacks in the U.S.); the plan to release trained terrorists in the United States; and, now, the decision to release the prisoner abuse photos that the president, hopefully, will rescind. That's quite a track record in just a hundred days.

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