Wednesday, July 29, 2009

GOP Leads in Generic Congressional Ballot

It's not just Rasmussen any more. RCP Blog.

More. Backlash: Democratic Dangers Mount. The Politico. Really?

P.S. Yes, the House the Rahm built is failing, because in his and Obama's monumental arrogance they thought after the election they could railroad the Blue Dogs and railroad the country to the far left. Let's not let a crisis go to waste, said Rahmbo--and he and The One are laying waste to the country. Because The One's entire campaign was built on a post-partisan Big LIE. And more and more people know it now. This was my comment on that post:Yes. I think the scales have really dropped from some people's eyes--they thought he was a nice guy not an elitist, they thought he was a uniter, not a hardcore leftist, they thought he was post-partisan multiculti, not a race-card playing, anti-American jerk.

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