Thursday, October 15, 2009

WH Anita Dunn Mao Fan

UPDATED Below. Beck has video:
Oh, and he cried again. (UPDATED with longer video, has more context.)

More. Here's the WaPo article Beck refers to--in the Style section.

jaketapper Dunn says she was joking. Referring to an old Lee Atwater schtick.
Well of course, I didn't see her in person--but she sure didn't look like she was joking to me on the video. She was talking to high school kids.

guypbenson Remember kids: Never give up on your dreams--even if those dreams include slaughtering millions--Mao never did! #anitadunnadvice
UPDATE: Here's the show's clip, one segment:

dancurry Anita Dunn, who helped bring Blagojevich to Illinois and now scolds Fox for WH, is a fan of Chairman Mao. #tcot
From the WaPo profile--she advised secrecy on a damaging detail:

But Dunn was against Obama before she was for him. Back in 2002, Blair Hull, an unknown but wealthy former securities trader in Chicago, scored a coup just by hiring Dunn, a nationally recognized operative, to be the media consultant on his wild-card bid for the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate. Hull said that, in the formative days of the Illinois primary, he disclosed to his campaign adviser some unseemly and potentially damaging details of his bitter 1998 divorce from Brenda Sexton.

"Her advice was not to make it public," Hull, who now runs Matlock Capital, an investment company based in Chicago, said of Dunn.

Secrecy which got blown apart--handing the election to Barack Obama. I guess he owes her. Seems like she's a good fit in this Nixonian White House. So who's on your enemies list, Anita?

More. Oops, excuse me...not Nixonian, Maoist. What will the next Dear Leader talk be about?


hughhewitt #hhrs Just played the Anita Dunn tape. It wasn't a joke. It was a painfully earnest and historically illiterate.

More. Newsbusters. Michelle Malkin. Anita Dunn: A corruptocrat flack and a Mao cheerleader:
I also noted that Dunn is married to Obama thug lawyer Robert Bauer, who tried valiantly to get the DOJ to prosecute conservative critics and punish TV stations for running an ad critical of Obama’s relationship with Weather Underground Bill Ayers.
It wasn't so much the Obama campaign was critical of Ayers--they just wanted to hide the relationship. And their shared admiration for Mao.

More. Silva at The Swamp thinks Mao is no biggie. Who cares that he was a murderous dictator.

The WaPo puffy profile sounds like she was intending to leave anyway--perhaps she can hasten her departure and save face--as the mask has slipped. One commenter had it so right:

Wait a minute -- you're fine with a government official who _admires_ Mao Tse Tung? You sure about that?

Seems to me that Dunn should lose her job for (a) moral turpitude -- only someone who is herself utterly evil could possibly admire Mao (or Che or Castro or Stalin or Lenin or Hitler, &c., &c.) and, worse, (b) stupidity -- this is not the kind of thing one can say in public if one is connected in any way to an American president.

Of course, this does make one wonder how many other people in the Obama administration also admire Mao (or other totalitarians) but are smart enough not to say so.

At 24, he recorded his amoral philosophy: “People like me only have a duty to ourselves.” He worshipped “power like a hurricane arising from a deep gorge, like a sex-maniac on heat . . . We adore times of war . . . We love sailing the sea of upheavals . . . The country must be destroyed then re formed . . . People like me long for its destruction”. Mao was happy to murder, blackmail and poison his rivals. He had the same political gifts as Stalin: a will for power, ruthlessness, addiction to the drama of turmoil and an ability to manipulate.

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Does anyone know what high school that was or what city it was in?

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