Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Will Obama Deny Bill Ayers' Accusation?

William Jacobson, Legal Insurrection with thoughts on my Bill Ayers No Dream post. (Yes, you can use the phrase:) Bill Ayers was not polite company though, so it wasn't a strain.

And how about this RootsWeb dossier on one Bill Ayers. Sent in by an informed reader.

UPDATE: My initial post, 3rd story, main page memeorandum. JustOneMinute links, with a pithy remark.

More. Pundit and Pundette, as an aside.

More. On with Jack Cashill on a Kansas City radio station at around 7:45 am central. Can't remember their call numbers, sorry. Will post it soon. KCMO.

More. Nice interview. I told the story. Jack Cashill said Ayers is evasive with words all the time, but thinks the truth is in there. I believe he's working on a column. Neal Boortz links, thanks. Trevor Loudon, New Zealand blogspot links--he has been tracking all the old Obama radical connections in great detail for some time.

More. Another Black Conservative. Scott, Powerline, Whose Dreams?

More. Moving up on Memeorandum. No. 2 story with links.

More. On WIND Chicago tomorrow with John and Cisco, 7:10 am. Today 12:35 central with John Gibson's radio show. Sometime this afternoon on Wilkow Majority, Sirius XM.

My Troglopundit friend Lance Burri links.

More. NRO's The Corner links to me via Powerline. Thanks Kathryn Lopez.

More. Marc Ambinder, The Atlantic. What we're reading.

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More: Jonah Goldberg, NRO. Sounds like Ayers is jerking some chains. I absolutely agree--ours...and our President Barack Obama's. And if he told the beltway insider National Journal the same thing he can't claim I just made it up--nor that he's pinning this on the right as an eeeevil conspiracy. Fellow Chicago blogger Bill Baar, who is an expert on these radicals around here, makes a good point in the comments.

More. The Hill. Jack Cashill's latest at The American Thinker, How the VRWC Really Works.

More. I often listen to El Rushbo. Per word of email he opened with my post. I missed it, was talking to my mother in law.

More. Althouse. Well Ann, I thought the same thing when I talked to him. I certainly didn't ask him that question. And I called him a liar. People can make their own judgments.

More. Ed Morrissey is very dubious. Well, I think you have it wrong on the significance---Barack Obama really is a teleprompter President--just a pretty face with a voice--and a total fraud--Dreams was really his only accomplishment, and it is key to his mythical persona--and his possible ghostwriter is an unrepentant domestic terrorist--something, if true, Barack Obama didn't have a problem with. That is appalling. It makes Americans who voted for him, who are already reassessing their view of him--that all his campaign promises had an expiration date, that he doesn't know what he's doing--reconsider the truth of his relationship with Ayers as well. And it opens him up to the derision of the left. As I pointed out in response to Allahpundit in my earlier post--Ayers is yanking Obama's chain too. SNL started the snark.

More. Top story on memeorandum. Did the sirius interview. Gibson postponed. B-cast at 4. Attacked by LGF. A badge of honor these days. And actually, if LGF had read the post, I called Bill Ayers a liar.

More. NY Times writes breathless, deathless prose. The Caucus. Ah yes, I was "stalking" Bill Ayers at Starbucks. Isn't that kind of a sexist remark, Ms. Phillips? An admission "wrested" from Bill Ayers? I expected him to flip me the bird and walk away after I took his picture and asked him what brought him to D.C. Instead he tried to convince me what a sweet guy he was--was he stalking me? And it was only when I said I was from Chicago and a blogger that he made a decision to make his assertions--tongue in cheek or not, I reported what he said--after I called him a liar. You can make of it what you want. But Bill Ayers is out there. And he's not going away. He's to the left of Barack Obama--and he's trying to yank his chain with this. And yes, Ms. Caucus, $9 million is nothing to sneeze at--even for a spoiled suburban rich brat like Bill Ayers. He wants credit for something. You decide. But it's no eeevil rightie conspiracy if Ayers peddled it to the inside Beltway National Journal. He said what he said to me. And this time it got buzz. You're blogging about it. And Barack Obama is reading it and wondering what Ayers will say next. Mmm, mmm, mmm. Not to mention Michelle.

More. Daily Beast takes Ayers word for it. It "sounds simple enough". Look--Ayers obviously wants this out there. Why? Who else is he talking to? And what more does he have to say? Mmm, mmm, mmm.

More. Ron Radosh, Pajamas Media:
Who knows? Bill Ayers is, as Paul Berman said in his blog the very first day of The Daily Beast, that Ayers is perhaps “the stupidest man in America.”
(It "sounds simple enough", yes, the Daily Beast loves the guy now.) Radosh goes on:
He is also one very big liar, as proved by Fugitive Days, a book filled with evasions, omissions and major distortions of the truth. As Leary put it, he is a liar. And those who trust a liar, do so at their own peril.
Our President Barack Obama worked with Bill Ayers for years. Years. Bill Ayers was his political godfather.

More. HotAir now Huffpo's favorite blog. But who really got punk'd by Ayers? I'd say it was our President Barack Obama--and Huffpo and their ilk.

More. The blogprof, with new book jacket:)

More. My radio interview with Rusty Humphries, Big Government. "Alert the Media: Ayers’ Claim He Wrote Obama’s ‘Dreams of My Father’ Is A Blockbuster Story". Audio.

And my friend and fellow Chicago blogger Bill Baar with more commentary.

Thanks to John Ruberry, Marathon Pundit, for his latest post.


barry bonds said...

Wait, why would Obama deny his joke?

It's a joke, so it doesn't have to be addressed. Ayers doesn't like conservatives, so he just wanted to have a little fun with you. He even said you could split the royalties, obviously a joke.

Anne said...

Gee, it's so obvious,why didn't I think of that.

Joaquin said...

Yes barry, it was all a joke.
Call your next case!

Spanky said...

It's a joke this Administration.

Every day we ask, "Is this April Fool's Day?" Must be.

Bill Baar said...

Ayers doesn't like conservatives...

Ayers doesn't like Liberals much either. One reason ex-radicals become neo-cons with such ease is they don't check their disdain for Liberalism through the change. That remains the constant, and it was the Liberalism of the elder Ayers that Bill rebelled against back in the 1960s.

Ayers has been opely cyncical about America and I doubt he's lost his cycnicism about Liberalism. To get snookered and thrown under the bus by Obama may be a little more than Ayers can take. For a cynical mentor to get conned by mentee Obama is a little too much.

He gets to go these conferences with Secretaries and UnderSecretaries but I would think getting snubbed by a Liberal would be a little much for an SDSer to take.

My bet is Bill wrote the book and he's (rightfully in my opinion) ticked.

I'm guessing there is a money trail here somewhere. A people familiar with textual comparisons should be checking this out.

Ayer's could well have been playing a joke on Ann and she threw it right back calling Ayers a liar, but I suspect Ayers indeed ghosted the book and is ticked at not having a more public roll in Obama's victory now.

The disdain and contempt for Liberals still with Ayers. It's never left him...

Anonymous said...

He was quite clearly dangling bait & you & many on the right bit. Too bad he didn't also give you a copy of Obama's Kenyan birth certificate.

Though I'm not sure if that would have made his spitting the royalties statement any clearer. Ayers doesn't care about royalties (and even if he did, he wouldn't offer to split them with a conservative blogger).

Ayers said many times earlier this year when he was on a book tour that he likes Obama & has hope for him, but that Obama is far from a socialist.

He doesn't blame Obama for what happened. He blames the media & conservatives like you. Which is why he was more than happy to mess with you.

Anne said...

Ayers is a rich kid brat. He doesn't need the royalties. That's a red herring. Though he probably would like them.

This doesn't help Obama right now.And Ayers peddled this last weekend to a moderate inside the beltway publication--he obviously wants this out. For whatever reason, whether it's true or not.

He wants recognition. He's out from under the bus--and he didn't just throw Obama under his own bus, he threw Michelle under it.

Bill Baar said...

This doesn't help Obama right now.

That's the key Anne. We're seeing the Progressives turn on Obama for Afghanistan. Ayer's is sending a message here: Watch out... I can talk about a lot.

It will be interesting to see how all these anon comments go, if the vast right wing conspiracy turns to support an Obama/McChrystal plan for Afghanistan, while Ayers and the rest of the Progressive Left is out there embittered by what they see as betrayel.

barry bonds said...

Whoa, you didn't think of that, Anne?

Actually, it seems you did think of it, because you said as much in your original post, and yet even after saying as much you still seem to suggest that it was an admission, that he does want credit, and that Barack should maybe respond to it.

barry bonds said...

But Ayers probably did write the book, though.

Politicians always use ghost writers, and Obama is a pretty crappy writer, I hear.

What's wrong with using a ghost writer? This is no scandal, it's just normal policy.

barry bonds said...

And to respond to the fact that I just said that he wrote it after saying that it wasn't an admission: He can still be joking with you even when telling the truth, cuz he's basically just joking about how everything about him makes big news with conservatives and how even whether or not he wrote the book is making big news.

Bill Baar said...

What's wrong with using a ghost writer?

google Sarah Palin's book. Some folks have issues.

joyce said...

Thanks for appearing on the Bcast today! Enjoyed hearing what happened.

I was born in Champaign, but moved to Texas as a sophomore in high school.

By thy rivers gently flowing, Illinois...

Anne said...

Thanks Joyce. It's a nice song, isn't it.

barry bonds said...

google Sarah Palin's book. Some folks have issues.

Exactly, you just admitted that Palin used a ghostwriter, too. It's accepted practice.

McCain and Clinton also had other people help with their books, but McCain at least acknowledged who wrote it.

Mark Blankenfield said...

One blogger called you barely literate.

I think he was being kind.

Anne said...

most people do not hire notorious domestic terrorists as ghostwriters.

and did you just admit you believed ayers is obama's ghostwriter?

in any event, Obama is on the spot now.