Friday, December 11, 2009

Cross-Border Terror Traffic

What If We Had Captured Al-Somali? The top planner for U.S. and European terror operations.

And what if these young American Muslim men had been on their way to meet him? Right now they get to stay in Pakistan. FoxNews:
No Deportation Order for Americans Detained in Pakistan, Official Says: Pakistan's Interior Minister, Rehman Malik, told Fox News that the men — who allegedly told investigators they were trying to connect with Al Qaeda militants in Pakistan — won't face possible deportation until the two countries complete their investigations. [snip]

Pakistan authorities say the men used the social networking site Facebook and the Internet video site YouTube to try to connect with extremist groups in Pakistan. When they arrived in Pakistan, they allegedly took that effort to the street.
The FBI is questioning the D.C. students in Pakistan to determine possible conspiracy charges. Meanwhile, India is seeking to interrogate here two Chicago-area Muslim men allegedly linked to the Mumbai massacre, prior to requesting their extradition.

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