Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A GOP Governor's Serious Steps on the Economy

Gov. Tim Pawlenty, MN. Averting the next crisis. Getting us back on track. The Middle Coast.

More. And what about next door in Indiana, coverage of Republican Gov. Mitch Daniels state of the state:

"You gave the people the chance to decide, as I believe they will, that lower property taxes are here to stay," Daniels said. Indiana's unemployment rate was 9.6 percent in November, but it is lower than that of Indiana's four neighboring states.

Daniels said Indiana is competitive when it comes to attracting new jobs. In 2009 when national business investment fell by almost one-fourth, he said, Indiana's job commitments grew over a near record achieved in 2008. Indiana secured nearly 20,000 new job commitments last year, according to the administration.

They have a surplus now and are working to keep spending in line with recession-hit state revenues. In Minnesota last year Gov. Pawlenty made cuts in spite of an obstructionist Dem state legislature and killed a billion dollar tax increase.

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