Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dead Sister's Teeth

Well, this one wins the prize. RCP video. Dem. Rep At Health Summit: My Constituent Had To Wear “Her Dead Sister’s Teeth”

Look. Everyone has compassion. The question is, how can we afford to pay for this? What good are programs if we have to essentially ration services because we don’t have the funding? What good are the tort lawyers if they raise the cost of healthcare for everyone with their skimming off the lion’s share of exorbitant damages for pain and suffering–and in the end major areas of the country are left without doctors, including obstetricians, because they can’t afford to practice there.

It’s not a competition for who has the bigger sob story. (Well, the Dems think it is.) But think about that in itself.

Remember Portia–justice has to be blind and impartial. You can’t take a pound of flesh out of the rest of us to pay for your healthcare nirvana.

More. Yuval Levin, NRO gives a summary of the debate this morning–the GOP is winning.

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