Tuesday, May 18, 2010

American Heart. Your Turn

They're singing Ave Maria on the liberal WFMT and I cracked open my paper to find this story, in what I used to call the wacko column (my favorite back when I too was a liberal and only read the WSJ under duress in dentist's offices): Tea Party Troubadour Sheds Sunglasses, Hat and Fake Name. Once Fearful of Hollywood Backlash, Screenwriter Claims Conservative Anthem:
Fearful of being ostracized in the town where he peddles his songs and scripts, Mr. Kahn has gone sub rosa on the rally circuit. "It's for protective reasons," he says. "In Hollywood, being a conservative is the kiss of death."

The tea-party movement's passion for cutting taxes and shrinking government has spilled into hundreds of rallies and conventions across the country. Mr. Kahn has ridden that surge—under cover.

He debuted his song on stage in Quincy, Ill., at a tea-party rally in September. "All those flags, those good folks," he says. "It moved me beyond belief."
Your turn.

One more time.

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