Monday, May 03, 2010

Another Imbecilic Katie Couric Interview

Video with Mayor Bloomberg. It's a wonder why anyone wonders why Sarah Palin had no patience with her.

Obviously Bloomberg is playing to her rank, agenda-driven stupidity.

Home-grown to her is a suspect home-spun person...obviously Grandma. A tea-partier.

More. Wow. Is this an official Dem talking point?
rcpvideo VIDEO: Dem Strategist Beckel: "Right-Wing" Militia Behind NY Bomb Scare
You know, you Democrats, are you stuck on stupid? Do you really want more of this in NYC, the No. 1 target in the world? Do you really think the terrorists will spare you because you are so sophisticated and cool?

...The Sundries Shack on the other casual idiot:
Mayor Bloomberg is that most dangerous variety of idiot — the idiot who believes himself the smartest man in the room. People like that can blunder into a lot of damage. We’re fortunate that Bloomberg’s enormous ego has limited itself to reigning as Mayor for Life of New York City. God forbid that a casual bigot who has no problem implying that most of America is incapable of harnessing their political discontent about a growing nanny state into anything but terrorism turn his attention to a position of more power and influence.
But then we already have our President Barack Obama.

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