Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Barack Fails at FDR

President Barack Obama, at an exclusive fundraiser last night in San Francisco for Senator Barbara Boxer:
Let's face it this has been the toughest year and a half since any year and a half since the 1930s.
Daniel Halper, TWS.

He's trying to better FDR
but he hasn't learned much about history.

Most of us have and we know Progressive means oppressive. At least FDR had foreign policy right, (well, except for trusting Uncle Joe Stalin at Yalta) but not Barack Obama, not even its repercussions at home:
I believe the Obama administration's perilous approach to terror is driving most normal people crazy.
But hope is on the horizon. The fashion denizens have anointed 70's style in vogue again (awk my college era)--a "brave new wave":
It has been dismissed by opinion makers as “the decade that taste forgot” — the era of bell-bottom pants, glam rock glitter, clammy polyester, shrunken sweaters and a palette of orange, brown and avocado. [snip]

“The 1970s suffers from being discredited — but the reality is entirely different,” claims Olivier Saillard...
Maybe he'll succeed as Jimmy Carter.

Michelle already has the cardigan thing down.

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