Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Blago's Fate

Blago knew Rezko was talking to the Feds after his conviction and while he was mulling the replacement for Barack's Senate seat. Sun Times:

In another development Monday, prosecutors disclosed that onetime Blagojevich adviser Tony Rezko had begun cooperating with the government in July 2008 — the month after Rezko was convicted on charges he used his influence in Blagojevich’s administration to benefit himself and his associates.

Blagojevich, prosecutors wrote in a court filing, became aware of Rezko’s cooperation “by at least November 2008.”

As a result, “Blagojevich’s decision about who he was going to appoint as Senator was significantly affected by his knowledge that Rezko had been convicted and was providing information to the government,” according to prosecutors. “In short, Blagojevich strongly considered appointing himself to become Senator because he felt that this would put him in a better position if he were indicted.”

Gee, whatever gave him that idea. And who did he talk to about the seat? The Tribune reports the prosecutors are going to play only a few tapes, 97 out of 5,500. What will Blago do? He's (threatened) said he wants to play all the tapes. The judge has said he can probably play the tapes he wants.

I hope Blago talks at the trial. He continues to subpoena high-profile witnesses. Some didn't sing to the Feds at their trials and are feted after serving jail time. Some are dead.

What's Blago's fate.

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