Friday, May 21, 2010

How Tweet It Is

I am too tired and grouchy to write anything, so here's a sampler of tweets.
PeterRoskam RT @Jim_Jordan It's been 36 days without a budget - what did Chairman Spratt say to that in 2006? #tcot #wheresthebudget

gopconference RT @TomMcClintock Response to Mexican President Calderon. #tcot #cagop

isaac_hayes Hayes Applauds Rejection of Gitmo Transfer to Thompson

marcthiessen At AEIEnterprise Blog: Firing Blair Won’t Solve Deeper Problems with Obama’s Counterterrorism Policy:

robport Kevin Costner Saves the Gulf?

biggovt NPA-SEIU Terrorizes Child, Breaks Laws – What Did President Obama Know And When Did He Know It?: Writing for Fort...

dcexaminer Nine New York workers retired with $100k+ public pensions in their 30s: Coverage of the public pension probl...

SenateDoctors .@Heritage: Side Effects: Small Businesses Still Left Empty-Handed #hcr

PeterRoskam RT @darrellissa: @JakeTapper, @RickSanchezCNN turn @presssec into Wonder Woman over Sestak bribe charges: You decide.
At least the Hawks are playing tonight:
What would choose as the Blackhawks' theme song for their 2010 playoff run and why? Please limit your response to 140 characters.

Also, "Don't Stop Believing" will automatically disqualify you :) Good luck!
One more:
Duffy4Congress Join me today with Gov. Pawlenty on our Facebook Townhall at 4pm Central Time by RSVP'ing here.

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