Sunday, May 23, 2010

Let the men cover their faces too, then

Burka ain't beanbag Stevearino. (We're not talkin Amish here. Even the Klan hasn't lynched any one in aeons)

You see, or do you, unless they're UP skiers or snowmobilers those men who do cover their faces are usually...terrorists.


Quite Rightly said...

I'm guessing this apologist for burqas has no daughters.

In Europe, some non-Muslim women are resorting to wearing burqas to protect themselves from harassment (and worse--there's an awful lot of "worse" going on) by Muslim men. Of course, that's just "voluntary" behavior.

Anne said...

This just really burns me up.

Thanks for your info.

And so we have creeping sharia--in what we say (cartoons, south park), but of course teabaggers is fine, in what we wear--oh, but just the women should be the brunt.

You bring up another good point to give the liberals a brain cramp. Is having to wear a burka sexual harassment? Are other women affected by this hostile environment?