Sunday, May 30, 2010

One Goooooaaaal, Hawks!

Sing that song one more time. All we needed was one more. Yeah, it was like a baseball score. Sun Times. Tribune. CBS2. Chicago Blackhawks!!!

P.S. And no, Barack didn't show.

P.P.S. There was a great fan who rallied the crowd when we were tied before the third period. The camera was panning around and he was leaping around, then lingered when he launched into some Irish step-dancing, cuz it was that kind of music. It was a fine time:) The crowd roared and he danced some more. Yes, he had on a nice pair of shorts:)


MarySue said...

I watched, I was wondering if I would catch a glimpse of you in the crowd on television. Flyers surprised the sportscasters who had not thought they would even be able to score against the Hawks. It was a good game.

Anne said...

Yes. It was a great match-up!

Well, as you could see I was near one goal but not close enough to get in a glimpse of the crowd.

That's the one game for me--the rest I'll have to watch on TV as we share the season tix.