Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sorry Trib Coastal Types

PA-12 is not a bellwether. Jay Cost, RCP looks at the numbers of this very Dem district, and at the candidates:
We also had what amounted to two anti-Obama candidates in the race. If you didn't know that Mark Critz was a Democrat, his advertising would not have clarified matters for you. He ran as a pro-gun, pro-life, anti-health care reform, anti-cap-and-trade Democrat - or, as the lefty blogosphere likes to call them, a reviled "ConservaDem." Basically, he ran as a Truman Democrat, not as an Obama/Pelosi Democrat. What's more, the DCCC spent thousands on advertising that blasted Republican Tim Burns for his "support" of the Fair Tax, an idea that only the Democratic leadership is seriously considering at the moment. Most Democratic incumbents are standing for reelection, which means they will have to defend their voting records. Critz was not so burdened.
Can we throw away the standard liberal media template please?

Democrats are the party of debt

That is not popular.

Limiting government is a unifier.

Yes, we have to fight for every seat. And we will. :)

...Because we can see Europe from our homes--even in the heartland. (How come you guys on the coasts can't see it)

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