Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Why is BP trading with Iran

Kudlow and the WSJ are all over this. And our government is buying from them.

Oil Trade With Iran Thrives, Discreetly

Bill Takes Aim at Iran Oil Partners

P.S. But frankly, most of these pols are hard to take. WSJ:

In the month since the drilling-rig explosion that led to a catastrophic failure in a BP well, the Obama Administration and Congress have wasted no opportunity to berate BP for not plugging the leak and cleaning up the damage. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, who wouldn't know an oil drill from a dental drill, once again rolled out his charming "boot on the neck" of BP metaphor to deflect blame. As if BP wants the leak to continue so it can keep getting trashed by the likes of Mr. Salazar and sued by more trial lawyers.

Congress is midway through some 20 planned show-trials, er, hearings, in which such chemical and drilling experts as Edward Markey of Massachusetts have rapped BP for its inadequate response. Mr. Salazar griped this week that "we are 33 days into this effort, and deadline after deadline has been missed." He then threatened to push BP "out of the way" if it didn't move faster.

Be our guest, Mr. Secretary. Show us what you've got. As Admiral Allen put it succinctly, this disaster is an "unprecedented, anomalous event" for which there is no easy solution.

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