Friday, May 21, 2010

Your First YouCut Defeated

(Does Alcee Hastings make you mad? Is he insane) Try, try again:

Vote NowI want to thank you for making history. In less than one week, over 300,000 people have joined the YouCut project - launching a citizen movement across the country of people fed up with the culture of reckless spending that dominates Washington.

Moments ago, on the floor of the House of Representatives, Republicans brought up for a vote the spending cut you selected. It would have eliminated a new $2.4 billion welfare program that undermines the successful welfare reforms of the 1990s that have saved taxpayers billions of dollars.

Here are the facts: the vote was 177 - 240 and the measure was not carried.

We will continue to bring a YouCut vote to the floor every week.

The next five cuts are already up on the YouCut website and next week we will bring up for a vote the item you choose. Once again, you will see where your representatives stand on runaway Washington spending.

This fight will not end until we bring fiscal sanity to our nation's capital.


Eric Cantor
House Republican Whip

P.S. Thank you for voting with YouCut! Click here to vote for your selection on the next five cuts.

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