Saturday, June 05, 2010

Another Time Hit Piece on Catholics

And in particular attacks the pope. George Weigel with the rebuttal.

Keep it up Time. Soon you too may be acquired by a rival. No, not Newsweek--they may fall to Newsmax.

Poetic justice I'd say.


pathickey said...

Yep, saw that one coming, Anne.

Last week I posted:

no one hates like a Progressive. They hate coldly, consistently, and methodically. Progressives in the last century bonded ( Woman Suffrage, Hegelian Academics,Pacifists, Prohibitionist, Abortionists, Labor Radicals, and Old Timey Ku Klux Klan Nativists) and forged a coalition that gave America Prohibition. Prohibition was repealed and Progressive melted into the Daffy obscurity from which they sprang.

Post World War II labor strife, the Cold War and the Pill cleared they way again for the Progressive.

Confronting Progressive daffiness unchecked is the Roman Catholic Church. Catholics have rules and traditions going back to the Pentecost. Pete the Fisherman was given the Keys to the Kingdom - Catholics have an unbroken line of succession from Christ to Peter to Benedict XVI.

Progressives hate this and need this Rock eroded. They hate coldly, consistently and methodically.

This week, Time Magazine takes the baton from greasy fingers of a Jesuit Academic who wrote an obscure ( Progressives do love obscure - it's a Hegelian thing) . . .

NedaD承蓁 said...


NedaD承蓁 said...


pathickey said...

Can't argue with that.

Anne said...


I don't know where this stuff is coming from.

Thanks for linking your post, Pat, and your comments.