Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bite Me Biden Meets Reality in Milwaukee

Via Drudge: Milwaukee Custard Shop Manager Tells Veep 'Lower Our Taxes'...

Biden Calls Him 'Smartass'...

(Second link's not working for me. I think this is close.) [RCP has the smartass video]

Another Recession By 2011? A Major Indicator Suggests Tax Increases Will Shut Down Growth

So Joe. Any ideas? Apparently not.

I suggest going back to the custard shop.

P.S. Wonder if Joe met up with this fellow clueless Dem functionary in Milwaukee.

More. Powerline:

Biden, of course, had no response. The last thing Joe Biden or any other Democrat intends to do is lower any taxpayer's bill. The longer the Dems govern, the more obvious it becomes that there is a stark and growing division between two categories of citizens with diametrically opposed economic interests: those who work in the private sector and those who are government employees. The Democrats are the party of the public employee unions. That sums them up in a nutshell; there isn't much more to be said about them.

This graph, courtesy of Veronique de Rugy at The Corner, depicts the contrast in these two groups' fortunes. Since the recession started, almost eight million private sector jobs have been lost. But no worries if you're a government employee; in the public sector, almost 600,000 jobs have been gained. We are experiencing a deep private sector recession, combined with a government boom.
Joe the Biden. Oh, yeah, he's a real champion of the middle class. Old Milwaukee, Milwaukee Braves say ENOUGH!

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