Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Blago Lawyer F-bombs Opener

"He didn't take a dime". Not one anyway.

"He trusted the wrong people." No argument there.

Um. Is this supposed to be persuasive?:

"You have to be comatose not to figure out how to get a dollar out of $52 billion," Adam said, referring to the state budget. "But who didn't? Him!" he said indicating his client.

He's a dead man walking under all that hair. (Gee, how come the state is bankrupt then?) More:

Adam says Blagojevich thought Rezko knew campaign laws because he was so good at raising money. Rezko has since been convicted of skimming campaign contributions and seeking personal kickbacks from companies.
Quite a defense opener. There's more:

In referring to federal authorities, and their might against Blagojevich, Adam told jurors the same people that were chasing al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden were chasing him.

"And you know how many illegal accounts they found — none. He's. Broke. He's broke."

I guess Blago looks good compared to bin Laden. This is the lawyer they picked?! Good grief. BlagoBlog:

The opening statement from Blago attorney Sam Adam Jr. briefly switched gears to the topic of Patti Blagojevich -- and preparing the jury for what they're bound to hear out of the former first lady's mouth.

Patti is a "good woman," Adam said, one that "stands by her man."

That explains why jurors will hear Patti say "F-- the Cubs" on a recording in the coming months, he said.

Of course she disliked the Cubs, he said -- the team is owned by the Tribune Co., and that newspaper's editorial board wanted her husband impeached.

But this time, there was no "eff-ing" around. Adam dropped a full-fledged f-bomb.

A guy who uses colorful language and has a great imagination. I can see why Patti and Blago like him.

Sadly, Blago doesn't get to tweet from the courtroom. No activity right now.

Profiles of the jury.

Children's Memorial is key.

The Feds made their statements first. Tribune: Feds: Blago and the 'golden ticket' No Rezko for now:

Hamilton ticked off a list of some of the witnesses who will testify against Blagojevich, including former chiefs of staff Lon Monk and John Harris. She did not mention fundraiser Antoin “Tony” Rezko, who has been cooperating with government agents since his 2008 conviction.

The drama to come:

Hamilton also stressed how jurors will get to hear the alleged corruption unfold for themselves on government wiretaps, including the now infamous phrase where Blagojevich describes his power to appoint a successor as senator to President Obama as “(expletive) golden.” As she spoke, those words, in their entirety, were flashed on the screen.

“He corrupted the office of the governor of the state of Illinois for his own personal benefit,” she concluded. “When you hear him say this senate seat is golden and he’s not giving it up for nothing, you are going to know, that’s how he viewed his power.”

WLS: Feds: Blago part of 'series of illegal shakedowns'. Blago's brother tries to distance himself:

"Robert Blagojevich is not about money," said his attorney, Michael Ettinger. "He loves his brother even though they aren't close."
Good luck with that.

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