Monday, June 28, 2010

Crooked Judges in Crook County

Playing golf with the lawyers who appear before you in your courtroom, as their guest, creates an obligation. The lawyers are not your clients, they are not your bosses, the citizens of Cook County are. Aren't they?

HT Steve Bartin.

More from JUSTPAC:
  1. What do you get when you mix a grill brush, a BBQ grill and a fajita? A lawsuit, of course! Only in Illinois...
  2. Think lawsuit abuse doesn't impact IL employers? Our state's corporations’ self-insured liability costs are 3rd highest in the nation.
  3. Another fact: Tort costs for medical-malpractice liability are a greater share of IL economy than of any state’s save NY.
  4. Did you know? Relative to the size of its economy, IL has more lawyers than any American state except NY and MA. #twill
  5. "IL residents ... can only dream of government policies that restrict -- rather than encourage -- litigation." #twill
  6. IL is now country's worst credit risk. Lawsuit abuse chases away jobs, hurts tax base and makes debt crisis worse:
  7. 67% of biz leaders report state's lawsuit climate affects where they locate jobs. IL ranks poorly. Lawsuits = job loss.
  8. Illinois judges asleep on the job? Actually, they're sunbathing. Take a look at this recent story: #twill
  9. Did you know? Because of a broken court system, our state's legal system ranks 45th out of 50 states. Learn more:
  10. Did you see this recent Fox Chicago News story on Justice Kilbride's retention battle? We're quoted.... #twill
  11. Did you know? The IL Supreme Crt's overruling of medical liability reform = less access to quality/affordable healthcare.
  12. Hey, Illinois ... How much are bad judges and bad rulings costing you? Click here to learn and join the fight. #twill

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