Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Hopeful Tea Party

Matt Continetti looks at The Two Faces of the Tea Party. While I watch Beck from time to time, and value his highlighting the radical czars and connections of the Obama administration, as well as much of the thinking of the Founders, which isn't much taught in the schools any more, count me in on the side of Santelli--the hopeful, resilient, entrepreneurial spirit of America. As Continetti notes:
Nor is it as easy to distinguish the “State” from the people, as Beck might imagine. Americans do not live in Russia or Germany or China. Socialism and communism never were mass movements in our politics. Our constitutional machinery and democratic ethos continue to operate as checks on state power. For evidence, look no further than the Tea Party.
Yes. Rick Santelli discussed his reaction on CNBC this morning. (Video)

Reason's Hit & Run as well.


Andrew Ian Dodge said...

Well said, between those two I am certainly a Santelli tea party type. Besides Beck gives me the creeps.

Anne said...

Yeah. Too much emoting. Too manipulative.