Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Let's Go Hawks!!!

Game at Philly tonight. Morrissey. Telander:)

Stanley Cup 2010: Four Keys To Game Six For Hawks

Meet Hawks' national anthem singer:
"They're getting to hear our anthem the way it should be sung," says Dale Travis, a professional opera singer who has known Cornelison since his Lyric Opera days more than a decade ago. "It's not a ballad. It's a song of strength, determination and, well, let's not forget, defiance. And it needs somebody who has a heroic sound. Every time I hear these little pop singers get up on stage and try to croon this song, they simply don't cut the mustard."
Yes. And that's why the cheering is so deafening, especially when he pays homage to the flag.

Hawks don't care where they win Stanley Cup

Blackhawks plan parade for big win.


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