Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Morning Tweets

amandacarpenter LA Times knocks Obama for taking "mini-vacations" and "re-campaigning" for health care during Gulf spill: http://bit.ly/biNt46

Lowry; 'Revolt Against the Blob': A new documentary delves into union-dominated education bullying. http://bit.ly/axKUXS

rcpvideo Gov. Christie Praises Teachers Union For Agreeing To Pay Freeze: Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) "These are difficult t... http://bit.ly/cgfLUc

PoliticsNation NPR poll shows serious trouble for Dems in battleground districts -- http://bit.ly/ag1rAu

Kirk4senate Thank you for setting the record straight Major Tanner - and thank you for your service http://j.mp/9H02C6 #ilsen #chicago #il #illinois

Fred Tanner:

I’m hoping to set the record straight. Much has been made of Commander (CDR) Mark Kirk military service in the last couple of weeks. The latest alleges the Rep. Kirk campaigned while serving in Afghanistan, an allegation that I can say categorically is untrue during his time in Afghanistan between December 15, 2008 and January 2, 2009.

I can speak with such certainty because CDR Kirk shared both his living quarters and an office with me. At no time did I observe him do anything that could be remotely construed on political campaigning. I certainly had preconceived notions, none of which were complementary, of what to expect when I learned I’d be sharing both space and responsibilities with a Navy reservist and a US congressmen. Never would I have expected that same person would be continually asking “what else needs to be done?” He took every opportunity to share knowledge and mentor the other officers. For anyone that’s ever worked with CDR Kirk, you know he’s a dynamo. During our time together he provided invaluable expertise on narcotics production and distribution that helped formulate the policies currently being implemented in Afghanistan.

I hesitate to post this, as I expect, much like CDR Kirk, I’ll be attacked and my motivations will be questioned, unfortunately such thing are to be expected as part of our current elections process. It’s also unfortunate I suspect after such hubris, CDR Kirk won’t return to Afghanistan (or any other combat zone). Therein lays the real tragedy, as we can use someone with his talents there. I’ll be returning to Afghanistan shortly (my 2nd tour in Afghanistan, and my 4th combat deployment) and CDR Kirk would be welcome in my organization.

RepMikePence No American dollars to bail out Europe http://amplify.com/u/6xr1

CatoInstitute Money Spill: the proposed $50 billion bailout would flood special interests, unions with tax payer cash http://bit.ly/aIUq2n

DarrellIssa Great idea from @reppaulryan: Cut/cap spending/reform F&F/freeze gov't pay. Vote to cut spending now @usaspeakingout http://bit.ly/9lyemi

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