Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Obama Grabs Power, Drops Ball, Wrecks Economy

A Crisis of Competence

Obama grabs power, drops ball.

The President's Oil Reserves Lie

Gateway Pundit on the NO Zone.

James Pethokoukis on the Obama economy.

More. Obama the trial lawyer and community organizer:
Obama is not picking particularly on BP, whose officers contributed heavily to Democrats. Corporate executives in general are viewed by Barack Obama, Esq. as mercenary plunderers of American society. Their ability to successfully organize private resources to make companies productive and profitable is just another trick of the rich exploiting the poor. This is silly; free competition punishes businesses which harbor motives other than efficiency. This reality seems to elude Obama and his pals.
Yeah. He only likes failing businesses so he can take them over--and stick us with the tab for his union buddies and social engineering.

The president is a parasite. And he is ruining our country.

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