Tuesday, June 01, 2010

The Obama Solution? A Commission?!

Have you ever heard anything more ludicrous or seen anything more illustrative of the litigious incompetence of this president?!!!

Obama set to meet with heads of oil spill commission

Everyone knows a commission is always a polite politico way to punt on useful action.

The oil is still pouring out, staining the beaches.

Look, I hold no brief for BP, but who do you have more confidence in to stop the spill? Who is most interested in stopping it?

Not our president Barack Obama, apparently.

More. Roger Kimball, via Pundit & Pundette:

Incompetence. Arrogance. Left-wingery. Those qualities go some distance in explaining what Obama is. But there is another feature that has been often but obliquely noticed. It hovers in the air when it is announced that Air Force One is ferrying the first couple to New York for a date and a night on the town. You sense it when you read, as you are always reading, that Obama is about to embark on, or about to return from, another vacation. You feel it as an unstated premise when you hear (as you are always hearing) about Obama’s latest round of golf.
Rush says Gov. Bobby Jindal should call the sand berms he wants to build (to replace barrier islands destroyed by Katrina and protect the coast) sand traps and then maybe Obama will show up.

Americans are noticing.

P.S. President sends Eric Holder to the Gulf. Will he read BP their Miranda rights?

And Kathleen McKinley: Are Environmentalists Also Responsible For The Oil Spill?

More. Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN): Open Season: Trial Lawyers Ready To Jump Into The Oil Spill

Obama, Then, When He Thought Top Kill Worked: I Own This

Obama, Now, When Top Kill Has Failed: BP Owns This

What a hero.

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