Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Obama Stunted Blago's Ambition

Well thank God for small favors. Tribune:
During the same call, Blagojevich also complained that his own ambitions to national office may have been killed by Obama’s rise to the presidency

"Maybe forever. Probably forever, who knows," Blagojevich said. "I'm going to be governor, endlessly as governor?"

His lament continued. "Mayor of Chicago? What else would you want to do if you've been governor of Illinois?"

Blagojevich then complained that the then-ongoing federal corruption probe of his administration may have hopelessly wounded his ambitions, adding that he had been scrupulously honest and pristine “compared to even Obama."
And we've seen how that's turned out.

Here's the ongoing links to audio, added to at the end of each day.

More. CBS2 recap: Blago Sought 'Something Big' On Federal Wiretaps. Former Blagojevich Aide John Harris Resumes Testimony In Corruption Trial

More farce:
Harris testified that he suggested not mentioning any specific cabinet posts, but only that Blagojevich was interested in helping the Obama administration. On the tape, he tells Blagojevich that the governor could tell Balanoff: "Put me someplace where I can help him and do something that I'm passionate about."

Blagojevich responds: "Like health care?" Harris agrees.

At least twice on the tapes, Blagojevich mentions possibly getting appointed as Secretary of Health & Human Services, but uses the wrong acronym for the department. He calls the department "DHS" which is the acronym for the Department of Homeland Security.
Well, we got Janet Napolitano, who's to say Blago wouldn't have been an improvement.

The prosecution is establishing a pattern of constant and more than usually crass horse-trading, setting the stage for gotcha illegality.

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