Thursday, June 10, 2010

OK, Northwestern Law/Journalism Students--This One's For YOU

The Save-A-Life Foundation Story: A Study in the Chicago Way ABC7, Daily Kos and now The American Thinker looking at this--millions gone missing and an apparent whistle-blower in jail:
Today, Anabell Melongo, a black female immigrant from Cameroon, sits in an Illinois jail charged with a variety of computer-related crimes allegedly committed against her former employer, the now-defunct SALF.

The far-left website Daily Kos is among those who smell something awry regarding Melongo's incarceration.
In order to keep this information from the public the courts have been used to discredit the Whistle-blower in this case, Annabel Melongo, because of many influential people involved with fundraising for the SALF foundation. Little did she know that this small incident will spawn a case that will challenge Illinois' political and legal system.
The size of Melongo's bond -- $500,000 -- seems unusually high until you factor in the Illinois state and national politicians, state and federal agencies, and law enforcement jurisdictions that, wittingly or unwittingly, enabled SALF to receive millions of dollars of taxpayer money over its life while yielding dubious results. It's the Chicago Way. To date, there's been no definitive accounting for much of the approximately $9 million that passed through SALF.
Lots of prominent names involved. What's the real story.

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