Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sarah America to Meet the Iron Lady


All have to say is Maggie Thatcher came in after the Brit's welfare state was broke (the first time).

Reagan came after Carter.

I'm sure the savvy grocer's daughter will have something to say to Sarah--and share a certain sympathy and relish for being underestimated by the establishment types.


Mrs Grimble said...

Hasn't anybody told Palin's people that Mrs Thatcher is suffering from Alzheimers? (It was announced by her daughter in 2008.)
Using a confused old woman for publicity purposes may not be Palin's best ever idea.

Anne said...

Oh come on.

That may well be, but Mrs. Thatcher's family approved of her meeting with Prime Minister Cameron.

And the Iron Lady I'm sure is capable of some kind advice.

No one "uses" Margaret Thatcher.

What a nasty crack on your part.