Sunday, June 20, 2010

Strands of Galaxies

The cluster is so massive and so compact that its gravity bends and focuses the light from galaxies that lie behind it. As a result, multiple images of these background galaxies are distorted into long faint arcs -- a simple lensing effect analogous to viewing distant street lamps through a glass of wine.


Ron Russell said...

I've always liked astronomy and took a course many years back in college to increase my knowledge. The course, however, was taught by a airforce captain from a nearby airbase and all I got for that quarter was a knowledge of celestial navigation. Interesting blog. Came your way by blogs 4 Palin, I just added widget on my site at TOTUS.

Anne said...

Great to hear from you Ron.

Ive always liked astronomy too. I like your story:)

Big sky, dark night, and lights up above. Fascinating.