Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Why did McChrystal Speak Out?

He probably will have to resign, but what is the substance of his concern and frustration? Laura Ingraham this morning. Video. Ingraham: Obama "Thin-Skinned" Over McChrystal's Comments

I have wondered whether top defense officials would resign in protest over the delay and fecklessness of this administration. So far they have been too professional to do so.

But what does this say about President Barack Obama, that Gen. Stanley McChrystal, Obama's hand-picked leader for Afghanistan, a man who voted for the president, sacrifices his career and a lifetime of professionalism and dedication to serving our country in this manner.

Bret Stephens with some idea why.

More. McChrystal Says U.S. Ambassador ‘Betrayed’ Him With Criticism of Afghan War Strategy

More. Karzai supports McChrystal. In other news: Times Square bomb suspect: 'We will be attacking U.S.'

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