Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Barack Chooses The View over the Scouts

It's the Boy Scouts' 100th anniversary, but our President Barack Obama has opted to join the ladies of The View rather than speak to the Jamboree. Nice Deb. No Sheeples. Carol's Closet.

I happened to be at Reagan National last week--no sight of Barack's buddy Bill Ayers at Starbucks but the Boy Scouts were coming off planes in impressive numbers.

Many of us have been Girl Scouts, then leaders ourselves, den mothers of Cub Scouts. We've seen the boys off to their first aid meets and campouts, helped with pancake breakfasts and merit badges and listened to the stories of a night or two spent stargazing. The self-reliance and teamwork are life lessons.

When I was a little girl I remember my parents driving us all up in the summers to drop off my older brothers at camp for two weeks. The road wound through the woods and around each bend there'd be another sign with a Scout Law, until we reached our destination.












and Reverent.

The Boy Scouts are too manly an enterprise for the Barackstar.

Cartoon by Michael Ramirez.

P.S. S.E. Cupp. Showmanship, not leadership.

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pathickey said...

He really is the The One!

The progressive goofs that had Obama stuff those Presidential suits in the White House will take decades to get over his stewardship,Lord Have Mercy!

He will go down as the rock-bottom, dead last in Presidential Polls, until Patrick Kennedy manages to buy the White House.

Anne said...

He just likes the perks and the adulation from suck-ups.