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Brady Exposes Quinn's Duplicity on Tax Hikes

From Brady for Illinois:
Blames Budget Director, Media after Fall Out from Both Parties
Chicago – Republican Gubernatorial candidate Bill Brady today released the following statement in response to yesterday’s tax hike doublespeak from Governor Pat Quinn:
“Governor Pat Quinn’s song and dance number yesterday proved its still Christmas in July for tax and spenders in Illinois.
While the Governor denounced his budget director's words and the media for announcing the same record level tax hike he supported just last year, one thing is clear: Pat Quinn is going to raise our taxes.
Let me be clear – Pat Quinn’s plan to raise taxes is a job killer for Illinois, and I stand firm with taxpayers, business and community leaders on both sides of the aisle in opposing it.
While Republicans, Independents, and even Democrats stood firm in opposing his Administration’s plan to enact the largest tax hike in history, Pat Quinn’s bumbling response proves he’s lost control of state government.”
Brady for Illinois also today released the following Fact Sheet outlining Pat Quinn’s clear record of promoting the same record level tax hikes he disavowed during a news conference yesterday, while proposing the same education cuts he wrongly accused Bill Brady of supporting.
1/29/2009 - Quinn takes office
2/5/2009 – Quinn: Tax increase can't be ruled out (ABC 7 video)…
“One week after taking office, Governor Pat Quinn says he cannot rule out an increase in the state's income tax. The governor inherited a $9 billion dollar budget deficit and says all options will be considered to fix it.”
3/14/2009 - State income taxes: Pat Quinn downplays proposed increase: (Chicago Tribune Via Acquire Media NewsEdge)…
The Tribune disclosed in Friday's editions that Quinn was considering increasing personal income taxes by 50 percent, boosting the rate from 3 percent to 4.5 percent, while also looking to increase the personal tax exemption, currently at $2,000, to as high as $6,000.”
3/18/2009 - RFIRST ON WGIL: Moffitt, Risinger React to Quinn's Budget Address (WGIL)… “Risinger tells WGIL the public shouldn't believe how Quinn sold the proposal. “I don't like (Quinn's) tax increase proposal,” Risinger said. “And, contrary to what he says, it’s the largest tax increase that the State of Illinois has had.”
5/31/2009 - Lawmakers pass makeshift budget; no income tax hike,
(By Ray Long and Monique Garcia)
“A plan to raise the Illinois income tax by 67 percent and broaden sales taxes was approved by a panel of House lawmakers today…Gov. Pat Quinn, who proposed a smaller income tax increase, testified today in favor of the bigger one at the contentious committee hearing…After the hearing, Quinn would not say whether he preferred a proposal for a temporary, 50 percent income tax increase or the permanent 67 percent increase that also imposes a sales tax on services. ‘I'm for any bill that can balance the budget,’ Quinn told reporters.”
3/22/10 - Gov. Pat Quinn’s proposed sales tax bottled up in fees, coffee, sweet tea, could leave sour taste: State, local governments pile on 'nickel and dime’...
(Chicago Tribune Via Acquire Media NewsEdge)… “Buried deep within the massive budget proposal Gov. Pat Quinn presented last week to lawmakers was a caffeinated jolt to the bottled tea and Frappuccino crowd. Quinn wants to apply the state's sales tax on soft drinks to the coffee and sweetened tea products in grocery stores, adding a quarter for the state treasury for every $5 six-pack of sweet green tea. While his proposal for a 50 percent increase in the income tax got the headlines, the tea and coffee tax is among a pocketful of nickel-and-dime tax increases the governor is seeking in a comprehensive effort to overcome the state's looming $11.5 billion budget deficit. He also favors higher fees for driver's licenses, license plates, hunting and fishing licenses, cigarettes, tickets to the State Fair and even adding the state's sales tax to some shampoo and personal hygiene products.”
1/15/2010 - Illinois Gov. Quinn still wants 50 percent income tax rate increase; Republicans assail it…The Associated Press
“Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn says he's committed to raising the state income tax to come up with more money, even though he never used the phrase "tax increase" during his recent State of the State speech. Quinn said Friday his proposal to raise the tax rate 50 percent is the best plan. He wants to lessen the impact on poor and working families by increasing the personal exemption. The Chicago Democrat believes lawmakers will pass a tax increase during the first quarter when they return to work after the Feb. 2 primary. The state deficit is likely to top $11 billion this year.
3/16/2010 - Quinn tax hike: Gov. Pat Quinn to detail tax increase: Governor calls tax hike 'the least bad option' (By John Keilman and Rick Pearson), TRIBUNE REPORTERS
The Tribune has reported that sources familiar with the governor's budget speech on Wednesday say Quinn is considering raising the state's personal income tax rate, to 4.5 percent from 3 percent. Quinn aides have said the standard exemption may rise from $2,000 to as much as $6,000. Such a plan would mean families of four with a $75,000 income would pay $285 more in taxes and a family earning $100,000 would pay an extra $660 to the state, based on gross income and absent any other credits or deductions.”
2/24/2010 - Ill. Gov. Quinn considers $2B in budget cuts (By JOHN O'CONNOR), Associated Press
“It suggests a needed $2.2 billion cut in spending -- mostly in elementary and secondary education, where funding would drop 15 percent even as school districts are already struggling with late state payments.
Even then, Illinois would end the 2011 fiscal year with an $11.5 billion deficit.
The state's budget director, David Vaught, introduced the budget Web site, where taxpayers can make suggestions, and reiterated Quinn's support for an election-year income tax increase, which could generate $3 billion to $5 billion.
"Absent other action, these are the kind of figures we're going to have to deal with," Vaught said. "I'm sure we'll hear more from the governor. He's no shrinking violet on the need for a tax increase."”
3/9/2010 - Gov. Pat Quinn budget proposal: Borrow $4.7 billion
Ballooning debt, cuts in education, services could be opening gambit in bid to raise taxes
By Ray Long and Rick Pearson, Tribune reporters
“Gov. Pat Quinn on Tuesday unveiled a caustic budget plan that would borrow billions of dollars to stay afloat and push even more debt down the road, hoping to persuade leery lawmakers to instead raise taxes in an election year.
Quinn aides warned the plan would cost some 13,000 teachers and staff their jobs, cut off poor seniors from help in paying for costly prescriptions and shut down some health care programs for the indigent. But even after about $2 billion in cuts, the state would still be $11 billion in the hole.
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