Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Gray Lady's Bland Face of Evil

Those who were named now face the prospect of reprisals by the Taliban, including having their ears or their heads cut off. What is therefore becoming quite significant is the fact that the Times, as a price for getting advance access to the documents, sat for weeks on the most explosive revelation of all: Namely, that WikiLeaks was poised to publish material that held the potential to cost the lives of hundreds of people.

Does that make the Times complicit? If the Times had reported the news despite whatever promises it made to WikiLeaks, could the terrible outcome have been averted?

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Damn right.

And on legitimate stories they are silent, cover up, and the rest of us are supposed to just shut up. JournoList: Shame of a Nation: ‘Empire of Silence,’ ‘Empire of Lies’

The NY Times should be stripped in the public square and put in stocks.

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Rot in hell NY Times. I know you don't believe in it but I do. And who knows, you might be wrong. Or are you figuring you'll get the 72 virgins.

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