Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I Spy...Politics

Washington Times:
The swap of the 10 "illegals," or deep-cover agents, last week — 12 days after their arrest — also prevented trial disclosures of other potentially embarrassing details, like the identities of what an FBI criminal complaint described as a "former legislative counsel for the U.S. Congress" and "former high-ranking United States government national security official" both of whom provided information to two Boston-based Russians in the case. Both officials' names were omitted from the complaint. [snip]

"We lost all that. We lost a clear window into Russian espionage, and my question is: What was the rush?"

One of the figures to emerge from the case is Alan Patricof, director of the venture capital firm Graycroft LLC and a donor to Democratic candidates, including Mrs. Clinton when she was a senator from New York. [snip]

He also was described as a "personal friend of [a current Cabinet official, name omitted]." [snip]

Past difficulties with the FBI's Chinagate investigation of Beijing's U.S. political influence operation, and politically charged disclosures from the current trial of former Illinois Gov. Rod R. Blagoevich "may have been primary reasons that the subject of influence operations was hustled off stage so quickly," Mr. deGraffenreid said.

The most transparent administration only when it's convenient.

P.S. Is it Hillary? And The One is sending Bill out to campaign:

"Let's not forget that Bill Clinton was the last Democratic president who had to clean things up after years of Republican rule," said one senior Democratic official. "Clinton made tough choices that created [budget] surpluses. He can go out there and say, 'Look, I've lived this.' He's got a lot to offer because it's like an eyewitness account to what the country will look like if Republicans get in charge -- the obstruction, the investigations."
Yes we can.

....Hey Barack--is Bill campaigning for Hillary? (But maybe you already know that--did you wink, wink agree to be a one-termer?)

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