Monday, July 26, 2010

Putin Swaggers on a Harley

Dictator chic in black.

It's actually a trike.

Does he know Harleys are American? Maybe he's gunning to have 'em made over there.

Kind of a poke in the eye to The One, though:
From a podium, he described the motorbike as "the most democratic form of transport" and praised the bikers' free spirit.
Comments at Gateway Pundit on our biker president.

Former KGB operative and murderer by proxy Bad Vlad also apparently sang with the Russian spies deported from the US:

He said he had joined them in singing several songs, including "With What the Motherland Begins?" from the 1968 Soviet movie "The Shield and the Sword" about an undercover Russian spy in Nazi Germany.

"I'm not joking, seriously. And other songs with similar content," Putin said, adding that the songs were sung to live music, not karaoke.

The prime minister confirmed that Anna Chapman, the most well-known female spy from the group who married a British man and later divorced, also attended the meeting.

What will Anna do now. The tricycle has room for two.

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