Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Schakowsky vs. Paul Ryan on CNBC

UPDATE. Video below***Just watched their back and forth. Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI_ will still be on this morning.

Rep.Schakowsky (D-IL) wants to bail out the states. That's the gist. And where was she coming from? Chicago, Illinois.

Ryan says we're borrowing our spending as it is.

Schakowsky claimed every dollar of unemployment insurance creates a $1.63 in growth.

Ryan said we should be going gangbusters then instead of at 10% unemployment and 3.6 million jobs lost.

Schakowsky's talking about debt, blames Bush. Says we need jobs.

Ryan says we can agree on the need to create jobs. We don't have budget this year, but based on last year's, it doubles our debt 5 years, triples it in 10. We need low tax rates, sound money, predictable policies.

Schakowsky--learn from the Great Depression, (awk--puhleeze, a chicken in every pot) need more stimulus.

Becky Quick interjects, that was the argument a year and a half ago, Illinois has stopped paying its bills, owes billions , not paying people who are working for them. the legislature has done nothing.

Schakowsky says Illinois has cut spending (total lie). Cites numbers on economy from Mark Zandi, McCain economist.

Ryan--Zandi's numbers never materialized, the NFIB got it right. We're heading down the path of Europe.

More. NFIB Video. The consequences for Main St: What's At Stake for Small Business in November?
NFIB: Today we proudly announce our endorsement of Randy Hultgren for Congress (IL-14). Check him out here: http://bit.ly/9fMJhG Plz RT
Running against Jan Schakowsky in Illinois 9th? Joel Pollak--his latest video: STOP Destroying Jobs! And this: Voting Jan Schakowsky out of office could save each American over $200 per month

Here's the Ryan Roadmap for America's Future.

More Ryan video here, here and here.

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