Thursday, July 29, 2010

The View Falls Flat

Our president Barack Obama touts the silly greenie Volt as a big success and trots out the traditional Dem mantra at the end: HEEE (Health care, Education, Energy and the Environment)

He got applause for health care, claiming everyone will be covered. Haha.

Education, a smattering of claps. Does anyone really think this administration will make our schools better? Just look at DC school choice snatched away by the teachers unions with Dem complicity.

Energy, well, not a winning issue.

The thud of silence on the environment. Dead birds and even more lost jobs come to mind.

Nice try Barack. All those inaugural clips remind people how hollow are your words.

As for being a uniter, no red, no blue, we are all Americans, puhleeze. Demonizing the mainstream Tea Party as raaaaacist and suing Arizona for enforcing the law the Feds won't--you can't get more divisive than that.

Even the sympathetic View audience had their skeptics.

According to recent polling Obama has lost college-educated women. He has his work cut out for him. Going on The View is not it.

P.S. Cover it live on The View. My Bill Ayers No Dream posted by a commenter. Traffic shooting up. Barack Einstein myth falling apart.

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