Thursday, July 15, 2010

We won't let this slide on Sarah

I think Sarah Palin is carrying the country right now. I don't know if she's going to run, I don't know if I will support her--but this stuff is makin me mad. (And I supported Mitt Romney last time, in part because I though Huckabee was such a smarmy tax hike for Christ opportunistic "Christian Leader".)

Tammy Bruce: We won't let it slide
. (Video)

And actually--what's gotten into you, Allahpundit. Are you stepping up?

...Sarah Palin is an enormously brave person. Brave.


Fuzzy Slippers said...

If we ever needed more clear evidence that the GOP (and who can argue that Romney isn't a GOP hack) is out of touch and just does not get it, this Romney attack on Palin is it.

I can't stand Romney, having lived through and with the results of his governing here in Massachusetts--that man is no conservative. He'd be a disaster for this country, just as he was for Massachusetts.

Anne said...

Thank you Fuzzy.

And God Bless.

In a democracy we always weigh our choices. And thank God we have them.

Plain speaking. Plain speaking.

And real experience. Integrity.

That's what we need for America.

MathMom said...

Many on the right are beginning to internalize this "Palin is divisive, unserious, will re-elect Barky" stuff, to my dismay. I try to find out what other potential Republican candidates are saying, but the media does not report on their comings and goings. They report on Sarah Palin.

To my way of thinking, that says it is Palin they fear. So...where am I wrong?

I voted for the Palin/McCain ticket, in that order. I wish Palin had stayed through her entire term, but I understand her reasons for quitting. I was in Alaska in January, and the general mood was of support for her decision to take away the target that was on her back, costing the State of Alaska millions of dollars and all of her time.

I am heartily tired of every analysis of her decision summing up with "well, she had a chance to make a lot more money than she was making, so of course she followed the cash!" But my best friend, born and raised in Alaska, has worked with Palin, and says that is untrue.

People on the Left, and those who read too much of what is written by them, do not understand people of principle.

Anne said...

Thanks for your insight.

I think you are right on.

The left can say what they want but people of principle tend to be conservative. The left is more interested in power.

Freedom is our guide.