Thursday, August 26, 2010

ABC Caught Red-Handed at Ground Zero

Report: ABC News Admits Wrongdoing at Ground Zero Mosque Rally After Big Peace Expose’

Our PC media agents provocateurs.

In aid of Sharia supremacists.

If we fail to defend democracy who will defend your sorry freedom of speech (for some but not for others) asses? Will you all become Eason Jordans? But you won't be able to leave either. You are fools.

Shake off your brain-dead PC template. These Islamic supremacists are the bullies. They are not a besieged minority. No. That's their women. That's a real peaceful Muslim sect.

...Submit to your genital mutilation now. Put on your burkas. Bow down. Bow down.

Will you blow up ancient Buddhas too? They were so provocative. A symbol of another world view. A sacred place. Bow down. ( At least Marriott had some sense.) But the Hilton held it. Fools....Feminists? Will you effin wake up?!!!


Quite Rightly said...

Scary stuff.

Thanks for the update.

We all need to know these facts.

Anne said...

I keep getting shocked.

Bless you.